Marcia Pelletiere
Little Noises

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Praise for "Little Noises":


 " smart, so original... an amazing collection... downright brilliant stuff that crosses all's the kind of album where you WANT to go back and listen again and again -- you simply can't grasp it all the first time through. Very few albums make you want to do that -- but this one does!" -- Christine Lavin


"Little Noises" is a big joy! A celebration of a poet's life that sings with many voices. -- Suzzy Roche


Wow to YOU!  That is an AWESOME CD!  Who the HELL ARE YOU?!  I RARELY GET SOMETHING THAT GOOD!  HOLY CRAP!  I am now a HUGE FAN and will be playing the hell out of that! -- Babs De Lay, KRCL, UT


...what you do strikes me as being very wonderfully in the tradition of the great Beats, Kerouac,Ginsberg, Frank O'Hara, Diane DiPrima... this is one of the most Village-ey Village shows ever. -- Bill Kates, XM Satellite Radio


"an adventurous and expansive all-star record...beautiful 2-CD set" -- Anil Prasad, "Innerviews"


... if Billy Collins had married an a cappella singer and their 2 dozen adopted children each found a poem in the trunk and went off merrily out into the world to make a song from it, it would be this galley of songs . -- Anne Fulper

The YouTube playlist below includes songs from the "Little Noises" 
(but not in the original order)
click on the video to listen to the entire double CD,

The "Little Noises" composers are: 

Joy Askew, Janie Barnett, Richard Barone, Emily Bindiger, 

Ed Cionek, Dennis Deal, Kevin DiSimone, Margaret Dorn, 

Kate & Lou Giampetruzzi, Kid Java, Peter Kiesewalter, 

Peter Link, Libby McLaren, AnnMarie Milazzo, Bill Mitchell, 

Christy O’Leary, Del Pedro, Marcia Pelletiere, Vernon Reid, 

Suzzy Roche, Terre Roche, Catherine Russell, Rosie Vallese, 

Jim Vincent, Gary Wolf, and Patti Wyss

(excerpt from the full Billboard Magazine article, 2005):


'Little Noises' puts poet's work to music

By Jim Bessman 

Sat Jun 4, 1:04 AM ET

NEW YORK (Billboard) - She has "always been a words and music person," but until her two-disc "Little Noises" project came about, Marcia Pelletiere admits she "never thought they would come together." The poet/singer/songwriter is a founding member of award-winning a cappella group the Accidentals. Pelletiere's album, out now on her own Saf'lini Music label, features 26 of her poems set to music and performed by such esteemed East Coast acts as Suzzy and Terre Roche, Vernon Reid, Joy Askew, Richard Barone, Catherine Russell and the Accidentals themselves.[...]

The Full Booklet for the "Little Noises" CD is Now Available Online

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