Marcia Pelletiere
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Marcia is available to share her story with a variety of audiences, from doctors and other helping professionals to families and friends of brain injury survivors, She has given presentations at Walter Reed's National Intrepid Center for Excellence (November 2018) as well as Psychiatry Grand Rounds at Montefiore Medical Center (the University Hospital for Albert Einstein College of Medicine in NYC) (November, 2017), and for graduating medical students at the Clinician's Ear series at the Center for Biomedical Ethics and Humanities at the University of Virginia School of Medicine (April, 2018).


* Convey the internal experience of one individual with an MTBI.

* Provide examples of her own experience with disruption, dislocation, and sensory impairment.

* Highlight cognitive obstacles that impeded her interactions with medical professionals and others, and discuss strategies for improved communication.

* Discuss strategies that improved communication.

* Use her original poetry, music, and visual imagery to help immerse the audience in her recovery journey from pre-accident through post-accident; offer reflections about how the creative arts and naturally arising imagery might be useful in recovery,

* Discuss possible uses of healing imagery by both patients and medical professionals. 
Marcia Pelletiere is a poet, singer/composer, interdisciplinary artist, and speaker. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Warren Wilson College, and is a founding member of the award-winning a cappella group The Accidentals.

A car and truck accident in 2006 left Marcia with an MTBI. Several years later, she began creating poems, visuals and music to try and express her inner experience of that injury. "A Crown of Hornets," Marcia's poetry book about her brain injury, is forthcoming from Four Way Books (Spring, 2019). Her presentation about her brain injury experience includes the story of her recovery journey, along with her original poems, sound, digital paintings, and video, to offer listeners an immersion into the often-invisible effects of this shattering injury. (Read individual poems and more about the poetry book here).

Still from "LIGHTER, DARK" video with Lanny Harrison.
Still from Marcia's video "LIGHTER, DARK" with Lanny Harrison.
Click here or on the picture to view Marcia's poetry video "Items Piled Waist High." 

This video deals with the aftermath of a brain injury following a car/truck crash. Marcia's recovery stretched out over many years. Items Piled Waist High arose out of her desire to express the weariness of undergoing a long recovery from that largely invisible, little understood, and nearly indescribable injury.


For more information about presentation content or scheduling, visit the Contact Page.

For more information about presentation content or scheduling, visit the Contact Page.