Marcia Pelletiere
"There is nothing so deceptive as an obvious fact"  
                                                      -- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Masters of the Obvious "Audio Collage" series. 

For each episode, Marcia invites two or more  "Guest Masters" to talk spontaneously about common, everyday topics such as "Eggs," "Pockets," "Pranks" or "The Universe." Marcia then edits together their most intriguing offerings to create a multi-voiced "meditation on a theme" audio collage to delight the listener. 


Today we’ll be asking, “What’s up with eggs?” To help us find the answer, we’ve called in  Anne Fulper, Bob Gore, Chris Pelletiere, Sabine Reichel, Burt Shulman, and Armin Wanner.   

#4 - SALT: In this episode, our guests weigh in on salt, its uses and its varied flavors. With Judy French, Diane Michael, Armin Wanner, Kelley Wolf, and Michael Wolf.

#7 – PARTIES: Find a chair, grab a beer, and listen in as our guests reveal the lowdown on parties: Ella Boureau, Judy French, Charlie Hewitt, Chris Pelletiere, and Sabine Reichel.

#10 – BOOKS: Join Donna Maria deCreeft, Carolee Goodgold, Ian Krantz, and Burt Shulman as they mull the magical power of books.

#13 – THINKING (the gals): What do women think they think? Join Catherine Brown, Judy French, and Kelley Wolf for a tour inside the female mind.

#16 – LIGHTNING: Guest Masters talk about lightning! Listen in as inspiration strikes Donna Maria DeCreeft, Ken Levy, Chris Pelletiere, Douglas L. Saunders, and Michael Wolf.

#19 – FOOD SHOPPING: Join Carlen Arnett, Emily Bindiger, Perky Edgerton, Chris Pelletiere, and Lauren Yaffe as they fill their shopping carts.

If you don't mind, we'll consider permission. What is it? Who needs it?” Here to break the rules are Judy French, Susan Levy, Diane Michael, Burt Shulman, Armin Wanner, Kelley Wolf, and Michael Wolf. 

#5 – FABRIC: You can wear it, hang it, and sew it. Today, Judy French, Charlie Hewitt, Diane Michael, Chris Pelletiere, Sabine Reichel, Kelley Wolf, and Michael Wolf talk about it.

#8 – POCKETS: Listen as Emily Bindiger, Ella Boureau, Sandra Gore, and Robert Thomas come up with the lowdown on pockets.

#11 – PRANKS: Wha--!? Better watch your back as you listen to our mischievous guest pranksters  Judy French, Charlie Hewitt, Sabine Reichel, and Burt Shulman. (Prank art by Chris Pelletiere)

#14 – PRAYERS: Guest Masters Robert Thomas and Burt Shulman talk about prayers, along with baseball and St. Joseph. What's not to like?

#17 – DISHWARE: Guest masters Emily Bindiger, Donna Maria DeCreeft, Emma Staunton, Kelley Wolf, and Michael Wolf dish about...DISHES.


Whoa, the universe. It’s big. Listen as Chris Pelletiere, Kelley Wolf, and Michael Wolf grapple with the immensity of Everywhere.

#6 – VOICE: You talkin' to me? Included here are the glorious voices of guests Judy French, Charlie Hewitt, Chris Pelletiere, Sabine Reichel, Burt Shulman, and Kelley Wolf.

#9 – BIRDS: Guests Judy French, Charlie Hewitt, Chris Pelletiere, Sabine Reichel and Burt Shulman flock together to talk about birds.

#12 – THINKING (the guys): How do guys think? Join us as we peer into the minds of Larry Katz, Chris Pelletiere, Danilo Pelletiere, and Armin Wanner.

#15 – FISHING: Join us for a fishing expedition with guests Rikki Asher, Michael angel Johnson, Libby McLaren, and Michael Wolf. We expect they might land some surprising stories. (Fish art by Rikki Asher)

#18 – FEET: Guest masters Judy French, Sandra Gore, Larry Katz, Ken Levy, and Armin Wanner deliver some fancy footwork in this episode. (artwork by Chris Pelletiere)