Marcia Pelletiere
TWO CAHOOTS is a creative collaboration between 
Marcia Pelletiere (videos, music, photographs, and digital graphics) Chris Pelletiere (drawings, collages, and paintings)
and many other talented creative folks.


"Angel Sings"
video for a song by Margaret Dorn

"Tsunami" video for a song by Afro-Jersey
Terre Roche's essay "Collaborating Across Cultures" in the NY Times  includes a link to the video.
video for a song by Catherine Russell
ALSO check out the wonderful Birthday Project,      for which friends, colleagues and family all chose 
pieces of Chris Pelletiere's artwork and created responses 
to his work in the medium of their choice.
video for a song by The Accidentals
arrangement by Bill Mitchell
"Joy to the World"
video for a song by The Accidentals
arrangement by Jim Vincent
Three Children's Song Videos
with music by The Sing or Swim Team 
(Kevin DiSimone, Robin Grean, and Marcia Pelletiere)
"Sea Song"
video for a song by The Sing or Swim Team 
Along with the "Tsunami" video, Two Cahoots contributed cover art for the new Afro-Jersey CD, available now at CDbaby
(Original collage by Chris Pelletiere, graphic overlays of "subway signage" by Marcia Pelletiere).

The CD contains a blend of American and West African Folk music by musicians Terre Roche, Sidiki Conde, and Marlon Cherry.

Chris and Marcia also collaborated on an original illustration that was used in Hilary Brougher's supernatural thriller, Innocence.  
Bonus Clip: Chris Pelletiere and Charlie Hewitt"Guys Draw"...