Marcia Pelletiere

Little Noises

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Praise for "Little Noises":


 " smart, so original... an amazing collection... downright brilliant stuff that crosses all's the kind of album where you WANT to go back and listen again and again -- you simply can't grasp it all the first time through. Very few albums make you want to do that -- but this one does!" -- Christine Lavin



"Little Noises" is a big joy! A celebration of a poet's life that sings with many voices. -- Suzzy Roche



Wow to YOU!  That is an AWESOME CD!  Who the HELL ARE YOU?!  I RARELY GET SOMETHING THAT GOOD!  HOLY CRAP!  I am now a HUGE FAN and will be playing the hell out of that! -- Babs De Lay, KRCL, UT



...what you do strikes me as being very wonderfully in the tradition of the great Beats, Kerouac,Ginsberg, Frank O'Hara, Diane DiPrima... this is one of the most Village-ey Village shows ever. -- Bill Kates, XM Satellite Radio



"an adventurous and expansive all-star record...beautiful 2-CD set" -- Anil Prasad, "Innerviews"



... if Billy Collins had married an a cappella singer and their 2 dozen adopted children each found a poem in the trunk and went off merrily out into the world to make a song from it, it would be this galley of songs . -- Anne Fulper



NEW! The Full Booklet for the "Little Noises" CD is Now Available Online

If you have downloaded a digital version of Marcia's "Little Noises" CD, or would simply like to read the poems behind the songs,  the full 24-page booklet is now available for viewing. Click here to read poems, liner notes, and full recording information for each song.   

The "Little Noises" composers are: Joy AskewJanie Barnett

Richard Barone, Emily BindigerEd Cionek, Dennis Deal

Kevin DiSimoneMargaret DornKate & Lou Giampetruzzi

Kid JavaPeter KiesewalterPeter LinkLibby McLaren

AnnMarie MilazzoBill Mitchell, Christy O’LearyDel Pedro

Marcia PelletiereVernon ReidSuzzy Roche, Terre Roche

Catherine RussellRosie Vallese, Jim Vincent, Gary Wolf,

and Patti Wyss

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With Libby McLarencontributed their song, "An Old Belief," to this compilation CD in support of the Nuclear-Free Future project.
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The Accidentals
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"Where other groups may be vocal bands, the voices in the Accidentals act more as if they were sections of an orchestra, each weaving a thread into the larger tapestry of song. [...] All in all they sing some of the most complex arrangements in all of acappelladom. [...] You'll laugh, you'll cry, it's beautiful, it's funny, you'll be beguiled by one of the best a cappella albums of the new millennium! - Primarily A Cappella,
"Plush" is a complex, stunning, beautifully done piece of work by one of the best vocal ensembles on the planet! - Primarily A Cappella,
1995 Harmony Sweepstakes winners present songs of exquisite arrangement including Margaret Dorn's well known "You Win" and "Wheel of Time." A Latin rhythm Rudolph the Red Nose? Yes! e. e. cummings' "In Just Spring" given a musical score at last by Jim Vincent. The Cycodrama Suite should be mentioned. It's a tribute to cult rotten-film director Ed Wood Jr. and one of the most sophisticated pieces of humor in a cappelladom. The Accidentals are a mixed chorus of 8 voices. The songs are beautifully sung, arranged, produced and totally original.
- Primarily A Cappella, 
NYC-based, 8-member, mixed-voice Accidentals have been personal favorites of ours since their 1995 Harmony Sweepstakes win. [...]"Winter in Manhattan" is a funny, surprising, hip Christmas song, and standards "Carol of the Bells," "Frosty the Snowman," "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," "What Child is This," "Three Traditional Carols," "Balulalow," and "Silent Night" are as beautifully and brightly arranged and harmonized as we have ever heard these songs. Several excellent group originals, including the title tune by Bill Mitchell and Jim Vincent, and two winners written by Dennis Deal, the accompanied, funny, brutally honest "The Last 12 Days of the World" and "(I Honestly Hate) This Gift." A pair of lovely classical pieces by Maurice Durufle, "Tota Pulchra" and "Ubi Caritas;" and Francis Poulenc's joyous "Hodie Christmas" are icing on the yummy musical cake that is "I'm not going home for Christmas!" 
              - Primarily A Cappella,

The Accidentals won the Harmony Sweepstakes in 1995 with their signature tune, "You Win." The eight piece group is known for their exemplary musicianship and unexpected arrangements. Though the advance copy we received for review did not include all of the songs on the CD-there will be twenty in all-what we heard lived up to our high expectations, including the hearty "Wassail Song," a pristine "I Wander As I Wander" and the CARA award-winning "Rudiana," a hilarious tour-de-force that sends up a variety of musical genres from classical to tango!                                                                 - Primarily A Cappella,

And for the holidays:
"Voices Only Christmas" (compilation of a cappella holiday tunes, featuring The Accidentals, The Persuasions, The Swingle Singers, M-Pact, Naturally 7, and others.