Marcia Pelletiere
Cheryl and Rob Baldi
Richard Gerald Davis

There once was a fellow -- R.G. Davis
Who petitioned the court for a habeas.
Judge Paltry screamed, "No!
I will not let you go!"
From his office a small voice, "Please save us..."

Susan Edith Saxe

There once was a gal named Saxe
Who stole a few guns and some snacks --
Peanuts and cake
She ate on the make
Before offing a cop with an ax.

Ed Gein

There once was a cretin named Ed
Whose apartment was cheerfully red.
Imagine the shock
When the cops came and flocked --
The chip bowl a recycled head!!!

Who thinks to paint felons? Who does THAT?? Chris Pelletiere does that, that's who!

What I love so much about the paintings is the juxtaposition of color and theme -- the vibrancy and beauty of the blues,especially, but also the reds, purples, yellows -- gorgeous jewel tones that suggest royalty of our most egregious criminals.

The faces are mesmerizing and frankly, most of them scare the hell out of me. Searching for some element of humanity what I see:

Henry Lucas: a complete absence of affect
Robert Gerald Davis: shame
Joey Gallo: fear
Richard Hickock: wariness/distrust
Susan Edith Saxe: self-possession
Charles Starkweather: smugness/arrogance
Carmine Persico: self-doubt
Leonard Peltier: sadness
Ed Gein: hate/rage
Unknown: defiance
Unknown: defiance


All our love on your 70th birthday,
Cheryl & Rob